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January 26, 2008
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Sinbad: Eris by pirate-LD Sinbad: Eris by pirate-LD
Another quickie, this time from the Legend of the Seven Seas, a great animated movie. I don't really care that it doesn't follow the REAL stories of Sinbad. Brad Pitt is funny XD You should watch it.

Anyways, the way Eris is animated is just to die for. She moves like... I don't know- something cool. Unfortunately, I created my Eris before I saw the movie so I never really had the heart to change her.

Time: 2 hours
Reference: Just watched the movie
Program: Adobe Photoshop CS2&Wacom Tablet
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TM2DB Jun 28, 2010   Writer
"...alive, that is."
Ookami-ChanXP Apr 16, 2010
^^ I just watched this movie again last night ^^

I saw it in theaters when I was 6 or something and I still think it kicks ass ^^
MyraposA Apr 6, 2008   Digital Artist
i love sinbad :D
Hmm... is this Eris related to the Goddess Eris?
Eris the Greek Goddess? Yes, I do believe that they based the movie character off of her. Butchered the actual tale of Sinbad of course, but that is media for you.

It was entertaining 0:
*ponders, finding it hard to imagine Eris personified so easily*

I'm glad it was entertaining, nonetheless. Even more glad that it inspired a lovely work. Thank you for sharing. I am ALSO pleased that you knew what I spoke of.
Hardly met my standards for "personification", but it is sort of like eating an apple after being cast out of the Garden of Eden. What they managed to do was more like a sullen glimpse of a star filled sky on the night of storm. Far from what you wanted, but enough to get you going by.

I have a fascination with polytheistic religions. Spend a lot of my free time researching, writing, and comparing. Much more fascinating then Math homework.
Ah, yes. Math is the spoiler of the Universe, providing answers where answers aren't needed. You think in analogy. I like that. I've had a similar habit for as long as I can remember. You also speak of natural things. This I can appreciate.

I've been fascinated with such, as well, since a very early age. A book I read recently may be of interest to you. It is called "Sappho's Leap" by Erica Jung. If you are interested by ancient history, poetry, the Greek pantheon and the foibles of the human spirit... then you may very well enjoy reading it. It isn't a perfect book, honestly, none are... but this one certainly has its own faults. Strangely enough, I can appreciate it, still.
Ah, that's awesome Eldee! I love Eris in that movie. She moves like smoke is how I'd picture it, but with purpose. XD Improving as always!
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